Welcome to Environmental Aquatic Management

Environmental Aquatic Management (EAM) is a complete lake and pond management company providing professional management and services for all types of aquatic situations for over 20 years. We are dedicated to restoring, protecting and preserving your aquatic ecosystem through safe, ethical, science-based management practices. EAM can take care of all aspects of lake and pond management, including the new EPA NPDES Permit, required for all aquatic applications to any sized lake or pond. Advice, Information and Estimates are always free.

Municipal & Golf Course

EAM understands municipalities. We are familiar with all EPA and state permits & compliance issues as well as village paperwork & insurance requirements. EAM can handle any aquatic situation professionally and on budget. Outsourcing your lake or pond management is a cost savings for many towns and villages.

Corporate & Professional

Onsite maintenance crews and landscapers are not typically certified, licensed or trained in proper lake and pond management.  
Your pond or lake is part of your landscaping, but requires significantly more experience and  skill to manage properly.

Residential & HOAs

It takes experience to make a sick lake or pond healthy again. It takes care and concern to do it without harming neighboring wildlife, pets and people. EAM has been managing sensitive aquatic ecosystems, working with private homeowners and HOAs, for over 20 years.