Dock Sales and Installation & Fish Cribs and Structures

DocksEnvironmental Aquatic Management (EAM) offers Shoremaster® docks for sale. These docks come in sections and have several options on decking. These docks can be small or large depending on the number of sections and design chosen. Different sized sections, benches, ladders and more, with so many design options these docks will fit the needs of your lake or pond. Shoremaster docks are strong, made in America and fully warranted. We offer complete dock services from design, purchasing and installation. Give us a call for a free estimate, pricing and product information.


Underwater habitat is critical to an aquatic ecosystems health. Many lakes and ponds don’t have enough structure in them and the fish population suffers. With good fish habitat in place, the fishery’s’ population can reproduce more efficiently on its own and maintain a healthy balanced population. EAM offers several different choices in fish cribs and fish structures. Fish cribs give fish that critical habitat they need for cover and reproduction. Fish structures are larger and allow more fish needed cover to congregate and feed. We can assess your watershed and recommend the right cribs or structures for your water depth and other environmental factors.