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Environmental Aquatic Management is a full service lake and pond management company. 

From a small backyard pond to a large 100+ acre lake, EAM offers complete services and supplies. 

With 20+ years of lake and pond management experience, we provide the right management option to fit the specific need of your watershed. 

EAM provides a variety of management options and services. From small underwater aeration systems to large multi fountain lakes, our fountain and aeration services give you many options. Fish surveys and stocking, lake studies and water testing. 

EAM's expertise and experience ensures the accurate base line information needed to make the best science-based management decisions for the watershed. 

EAM can clear up a lake or pond that is overgrown with weed and algae growth with proven, guaranteed management techniques, services and products. 

Every Management program is tailor made to individually suit your specific watershed needs. 

Our thoroughness with accountability, documentation, insurance & licensing, new EPA NPDES Permit requirements, DNR Endangered Species Mapping & Approval and Reputation make EAM a clear choice for your management needs. 

Your lake or pond is your most important landscape feature. Don't trust it to just any company. Let the professionals at EAM manage, restore and protect your aquatic ecosystem.