Mute Swan Services & Nuisance Goose Egg Depredation

Mute Swans

Mute swans can be a beautiful and beneficial addition to a lake or pond. Mute swans adapt well to a new watershed and quickly make it their own. 

Swans are not only beautiful, a mated pair can keep nuisance Canada (Canadian) Geese from using the watershed. Mated pairs will make a nest, incubate the eggs, hatch cygnets and raise them on your lake or pond each season. 

Mute Swans - Environmental Aquatic Management - Kevin DahmWe also provide groups of swans for larger lakes. To see if your lake or pond is a good candidate for a pair or group of mute swans, please contact us in the office or email us. We will be happy to come out and evaluate you site. 

Do you have a problem goose or geese nesting on your property? Don’t move that nest yourself, it's against the law. Let Environmental Aquatic Management(EAM) help with your nuisance goose problem. EAM holds a Class A Goose Depredation Permit which allows us to legally addle the goose eggs and remove the nest from site. 

EAM will take care of all permits, documentation and annual reports and present copies to you for your records. Geese that lay eggs and hatch them on your property will raise those goslings and 90% of those goslings will continue to nest on the property where they were born; your property! Don't let the geese take over your property. 

EAM also has other safe and effective services to drive geese from your property and keep them away. For a free consultation or estimate, please give us a call in the office or email us with any questions.