Toxic Algae Investigations and Remediation

Services - Toxic Algae RemediationToxic algae is a real phenomenon. 
While most algae is harmless, some species during specific times, can produce toxins. 

Some species of microscopic algae produce toxins that can cause harm to pets and people. 

Services - Toxic Algae RemediationThis is happening more frequently with the hot dry weather. 

Toxic algae must be identified and the watershed must be closed until the danger has been cleared. A sample of the potentially toxic algae needs to be collected and sent to a specific laboratory to determine the species, possible toxicity and toxin levels. These samples are then compared to the World Health Organization (WHO) dangerous toxin levels for drinking water. If a sample is determined to be toxic and the levels are above the danger level to humans, remediation (treatment) is recommended. Treatment of toxic algae (CYANOBACTERIA) is done with a specific product designed to treat this algae (a specific cyanobacteriacide). 

Once treatment is complete, the watershed posting can be taken down the watershed reopened. Copies of all pictures, reports and lab work will be sent to the client along with a detailed report.

Typical Example of toxic microscopic algae (cyanobacteria)
Toxic Algae - BeforeToxic Algae After
before treatmentafter treatment

Toxic algae is very dangerous and should be reported as soon as it is seen. Don't risk any injury or consequence from in action. EAM will come to investigate any possible toxic algae reports immediately! If you suspect toxic algae on your lake or pond, don't wait, call EAM and get the information you need right away. Advice, information and estimates are always free.