Aquatic Habitat & Shoreline Restoration Lake/Pond Studies & Consulting

Services - Habitat and Shoreline RestorationAquatic habitat improvement and shoreline restoration are important factors in watershed management. Most watersheds can be improved with the addition of fish cribs or fish habitats. Environmental Aquatic Management (EAM) offers several types of fish cribs and habitats that can improve your underwater ecosystem. Many lakes and ponds need some type of habitat for the fish to hide and feed in and around. With a good aquatic habitat in place, fish can reproduce naturally keeping the watershed in balance eliminating the need for constant re-stocking. 

Services - Habitat and Shoreline RestorationWe also offer shoreline restoration. Many shorelines are overgrown with invasive weeds. EAM can treat these invasive or nuisance species and restore your shoreline with proper slope and base preparation. At this point planting of native species or installing a stone or rock shoreline can be done. 

Lake & Pond Studies: EAM conducts complete lake and pond studies. Fishereies Survey, Aquatic plant survey, water testing and more, a complete lake/Pond study can give you all the needed base line information to start or continue a science-based management program.

Special Projects & Consulting: Sensitive and unique situations sometime come up and EAM is ready to help with your special project or provide professional consultation. Advice, information, recommendations and estimates are free. Give us a call in the office or email us.