Electro-fishing surveys & Game Fish Stocking

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An electrofishing survey is a safe and effective way to sample a fisheries population of a watershed. 

For the past 20 years, EAM has held a scientific collections permit to conduct surveys in Illinois. This information is vital in proper fisheries management. The key to a healthy fish population is keeping it in balance. 

Overstocking is a common mistake. Just adding fish to your lake or pond is not a guarantee that it will improve the fishing. In addition, some species of fish can cause problems in watersheds. 

A survey will tell us what species are present, their health and abundance and if a particular species is overpopulating and endangering the watershed. Overpopulation can lead to stunting and stress on the population. 

Electrofishing - Fish Survey Electrofishing - Fish Survey Electrofishing - Fish Survey

With the information gained from a survey, EAM can make science-based stocking recommendations to maximize the health and fish-producing potential of your watershed. 

Surveys can be scheduled on weekends so homeowners can be present to see the fish collected. A detailed report with pictures and recommendations is prepared and presented after the survey is completed. 

Surveys are conducted in the Spring and Fall. To schedule a survey, please call or email our office.

Game Fish and Minnow Stocking:

Fish Stocking Fish Stocking

EAM offers complete game fish and minnow stocking. Stocking is conducted in the spring and fall. EAM can assess and recommend the proper game fish and minnows for your watershed. All our recommendations are science based.